Opening of the exhibition of portraits at Chesme Palace


In the St George hall of the Chesme Palace paintings by Anastasia Nikolaeva Berg on the basis of constant exposure.
These are two major portraits of admirals A., Orlov-Chesmensky, and A. Spiridov.




Restaurant "Dr.Zhivago"


Recently opened in Moscow restaurant,which instantly became a hit among discerning public.

The interior design of the restaurant "Dr.Zhivago"  did Anastasia Panibratov - brilliant architect and my girlfriend.

Pleased that I was also involved as an artist.


Exhibition in February 2015 in St. Petersburg


At the State memorial Museum of A. C. Suvorov

address: St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya D. 43.

February 2015

the planned opening of a personal exhibition Anastasia Nikolaeva(Berg), dedicated to the war of 1812.