2013 Participant of the exhibition dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. The Union of artists, St. Petersburg.
2012 Presentation of work in the Auditorium of the Russian Museum. SPb.
2011 «the Heritage of the Great». Participant of the exhibition. House Of Scientists. SPb.
2011-1997 biennium Participant of the annual exhibition of teachers, held in the halls of the Museum AH. SPb.
2011-1997 biennium Participant of the annual autumn exhibition held in the halls of the Union of artists. SPb.
2008 Russian-Dutch exhibition. «Dunagallery» The Netherlands. Participant of the exhibition and the international festival.
2008 Personal exhibition at the personal invitation of V.М.Lebedeva in the halls of the building of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Moscow.
2006 - «ART-Manege». A personal stand.( painting) . Moscow.
2006 «info-space». A personal stand.(painting) .Moscow.
2006-Participant of the exhibition. Krymsky Val. Moscow.
2006-Participant of the Russian-Chinese exhibition. , Changsha. China.
2004 «Roman holiday».Participant exhibition . Salon AN. SPb.
2002 The owner of a Russian-Finnish exhibition. , Savonlinna. Finland.
1999 «Figure of the Academy of Arts». Participant of the exhibition. U.S..
1998 Personal exhibition of painting. Berlin. Germany.
1998 Personal exhibition of graphics. Berlin. Germany.
1998 «18th century» . Personal exhibition. Coffee-house. Summer garden. SPb.
1995-1993 biennium Personal exhibitions. Salon AN. SPb.